Friday, September 24, 2010



1- GodKing (Enter The Merch) (Produced by MeLo-X)
2- Thee Anthem (Produced by MeLo-X)
3- Kings Theme Feat. Jesse Boykins III (Produced by MeLo-X)
4- Black Apple with Love Feat. Jesse Boykins III (Produced by Shamtrax)
5- Cali4NeonLights
6- Hotel Room (Interlude) (Produced by MeLo-X)
7- Mischievous Woman Feat. Lil' Friday (Produced by MeLo-X)
8- Rapity Rap Feat. Nikki NTU (Produced by MeLo-X)
9- Canigetonmy (Produced by MeLo-X)
10- XXL Feat. Chris Turner (Revamp Produced by MeLo-X)

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